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eLoveMD brings you closer to people who can give you real relationship advice.

Welcome to eLoveMD. This website is designed as a central hub for gaining advice about relationships. We hope to provide a dedicated resource for relationship advice and similar needs. ELoveMD should be helpful for you whether you are currently in a relationship or just looking for one. We have a variety of different relationshp enhancing features including advice forums, questions and answers, blogs for relationship insights, photo reviews, and even the ability to have a dating profile reviewed so that you can use it on other dating websites. We also allow for the ability to date on this website though our focus is on relationship advice.

Relationship Advice

At eLoveMD.com, we strive to bring people together who come from a variety of different lifestyles and experiences. This way anybody interested in gaining relationship advice will be able to reach out to other members of our online advice community. You'll be able to meet people from different walks of life who might have had experiences that would shed a new light on your own relationship struggles whether they be with friends, coworkers, managers, family members, or lovers. This website is not only for relationship advice but it also can be useful for people interested in learning how to successfully interact with a variety of different individuals. Our hope is that you will be able to reach out to a stranger who you may not have had the opportunity to meet, virtually tap them on the shoulder and get some useful advice or tips.

Dating Advice

One of the biggest arenas where people seek advice is when it comes to dating. Learning how to work with the opposite sex can be extraordinarily challenging. And even those of us in same-sex relationships can still find ourselves baffled by our partners’ response to our own actions. Now there is a website available that specializes in providing advice for people on issues like dating and online dating. ELoveMD.com allows you to reach out to people that you would normally be interested in via a nonthreatening community. Try searching within our database of users or people that have the traits that you're interested in understanding better. Perhaps you would like to chat with a normal guy to get his sense of how he would treat somebody like you in a relationship. Or maybe you would like some advice on getting along with a girl from an open-minded woman who you know has no emotional ties to you. Sometimes that's the best way to get a straight answer. ELoveMD does allow for dating online. However that is a secondary goal of the website. Our primary focus is to bring people together to share advice. This is in stark contrast to most websites where they focus primarily on the dating and provide forums on the side. We ask our users be respectful of other users. If someone else's profile does not display “open to dating", please do not approach them with an interest in dating. However, if both people are registered as interested in dating online at our website then you might as well take a chance and make a connection.

Photo advice

It's extraordinary how so many people don't recognize when they themselves look good. In presenting ourselves online or starting any relationship, it is important to put our best foot forward. That includes posting our best photos. We also provide the opportunity to gain advice on pictures. When you post a photo of yourself, other users will have the opportunity to give a rating of attractiveness. The purpose of this photo ranking is not to prove who is the most hotest on the site, but rather allow you to find which pictures of you are the most appealing to other users. Post a variety of pictures and even try posting some very similar photos lighting. You can even create a poll with a set of photos of yourself asking others which pics make you look the best. You will learn something about yourself. You might even be surprised about how other people view you.

Online relationship & dating advice for other sites

Another advantage of posting a profile on our website at eLoveMD.com is that you will be able to ask other users their relationship tips opinion on your online profile. What better forum to find a user who represents what you think would be the perfect date, and then ask their advice on your dating profile. Perhaps the easiest solution would be to take your profile from one of the other dating websites that you have used and copy paste it here for relationship advice. Then try messaging some other relationship advice users on our website and ask them to review your profile. Remember, in this kind of situation you're not looking for a date from these users. You’re simply looking for advice on how to post the best online dating profile. You can take the relationship tips you've learned and apply the advice to your profiles on other dating websites. Once again, you'll be able to put your best foot forward and find the best matches for you.

Marriage Tips

One of the most important relationships in our lives is that of marriage. Whether you've been married for a short time or long one, there always seems to be new challenges to be found. Married individuals can create an advice profile on this website and share tips and recommendations with other married, separated, or divorced men and women. This will give you the chance to learn from others' experience and keep your marriage the strongest possible. If your marriage is on the rocks then you could even take a moment to share your experiences with somebody else and hopefully make their life a better one.

Sex advice

Many people have a lot of questions about sex. This website is not designed to be a storehouse of inappropriate material. In fact we ask our users to flag any information that has been posted which may not be appropriate for users that are under 18 years of age. But we do recognize that people will have questions that involve more than just curiosity. Sexual advice can pave the way for improved safety and healthy relationships when used and given appropriately. We do not want to limit anybody's opportunity to learn in a safe manner. However, the site will not tolerate inappropriate language or material. If you have a personal question that should not be shared with an underage user then that question should be flagged appropriately upon posting. Also, you must keep in mind that the advice you get is not being screened for accuracy or safety. This website should never replace the professional advice of a doctor or therapist.

Work Relationships

Finally, one type of relationship that gets overlooked in most advice forums is that of work relationships. There are plenty of romances that start at work. Learning how to interact with your coworkers while building healthy relationships is also very important to a successful healthy professional life. If you're looking for ways to strengthen your relationships at work, then perhaps take a moment and make a new friend online where you can share ideas and experiences. Aside from love interests at work, we also would encourage people to share tips on how to deal with their coworkers, managers, or even the frustrating boss. If people were able to take just a little bit more work advice they would likely be far better off for their trouble.

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